With the arrival of the Spaniards, a process of evangelization began throughout America involving different maneuvers from the colonizers to achieve the empathy of the Indigenous. Among the most effective techniques, apart from the tremendous acts of violence and genocides, was the creation of rituals and festivities that included a mixture of European and pre-Hispanic elements. The town of Coatepec, in Veracruz, Mexico was no exception to this process. In the midst of this, appeared the clown, a mixture of the typical European character with elements representative of America. After the colonization, all these celebrations were tucked in the heart of the Mexican traditions. Since that time there are gangs of clowns that dance during the town's religious festivities. The members arrive voluntarily, mostly because of promises, and must comply with certain rules.

This series aims to formally analyze the constitutive elements of this tradition. A fundamental piece to understand "Syncretism", process that attempts to overcome a situation of cultural crisis produced by the collision of two different religions. The clearest example of this is the Virgin of Guadalupe, the dark-skinned virgin.

The photographs are presented as colorful, surreal portraits, but when dismembering the layers, it faces us with social decadence, and actions that go back to the beginning of the construction of America as we know it today. "Syncretism" as a political tool, exercising power over a community that can not break free. Portraits of a wounded town that keeps celebrating.

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